This started life as a simple still life drawing of some apples on a cloth and grew. Here we have a photograph of the original drawing which has been coloured using the air brush in the GIMP. I really love the free and loose nature of the drawing and the colouring despite being digital hangs onto that looseness.

Red Pendant

This is still my favourite piece. It's made from Striker Red Glass, Clear Dichroic, Copper Wire, Black Glass and Clear Glass. Striker Glass changes colour in the kiln and it a little unpredictable in that a small change in conditions can cause a big change in colour.

Two Apples

Well to be honest two wooden apples, hand turned chunks of wood with holes in them. I love the texture and the colour and was inspired to paint this still life. The monochromatic leanings of this picture make it very easy on the eyes and positively relaxed.


I love to look at the world on it's many differing levels but there are a few which come up time and again, this is one. Close enough to see the detail, without the distractions of the wild wondrous random madness of the world.

Catkins are another sign of springs arrival everything starts to grow life is renewed. Simply lovely........