I live in Belper Derbyshire and have strong interest in all things artistic. I have been drawing on and off all my life but painting is something that went away when I was very young and has only come back in the recent years. Like most of us it took a trigger to set me painting again and for me it was work stress. I desperately needed something that was absorbing and completely different. I decided to try painting and specifically watercolours. I foolishly told myself I would try something else when I had mastered watercolours; the battle goes on and the watercolours are still winning!

On these pages are a few of what I consider to be my better attempts at art, if you like, my favourites. If you would like a copy of any of my pictures, I can get fine art prints made, just email me through the contact page and I will establish the cost. However, for the moment I hope you will just enjoy the photographs and paintings.

I am now also taking an interest in fused and slumped glass and there are a few pictures of glass pieces some of which I might also consider selling if you are interested.